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About our Family Cooking Recipes Blog

Oleg and Milana are glad to seeing you on our family recipes cooking blog. We got the idea to write this blog because we wanted to share our experience preparing many dishes with the world. We love the tasty, qualitative and useful food. We prepare all meals with love, in anticipation of a fantastic taste.

We are Russian people, but were born in Kazakhstan, in the beautiful city of Almaty, and lived there for 30 years. We are living in the United States, now. We visited many countries and tried such dishes as Chinese, Korean, Kazakh, Russian, American, Uyghur, Uzbek, Turkish, Mexican and many other dishes. In each cuisine you can find cooking recipes that will prove you to taste.

Cooking recipes of Kazakh, Uighur and Uzbek cuisine is very similar, although we will be able to distinguish them. Kazakhs in the past - this is a nomadic people, which keep mainly the herd of sheep, horses and camels. If they used camels as transport, from sheep and horses, they prepared their signature dishes. Even today the Kazakh people have the same eating habits. We advise to try beshbarmak from horse, shashlik from lamb (in the U.S. it is called shish kebab) and manti. In the Uighur and Uzbek cuisine you can try the same food, but cooking recipes and taste are noticeably different.

Chinese food seemed a simple for us, where you can recognize all the ingredients on a plate. But in China, eating is accompanied by many rituals, which makes it more interesting and is accompanied by a good mood. The Chinese use a lot of vegetables for cooking, do not question the usefulness. They also love seafood, pork and poultry, especially duck. Who has not tried Peking duck?

American cuisine is built on the traditions and holidays of the people, as well as easy cooking recipes I'm amazed and the speed of cooking - "take a jar, add another jar, mix all this with a bag..." It is not very useful, but incredibly tasty and easy to cook. Of course, when we came to America, we just where amazed about steaks (the taste of meat), and cheesecakes. And it's not all of what can surprised in the U.S..

We can tell you a lot about this experience. But in this family recipes cooking blog we will discuss about international recipes adapted for American groceries. Since we have many friends of the Americans and we are living in the U.S. now, our recipes are gradually adapted to American tastes. Although some recipes Americans like intact.

It is possible that many readers have been long, and well aware of any of these recipes, but each dish each family prepare differently and sometimes have very different tastes.

Welcome to the family recipes cooking blog from Oleg and Milana, I hope you'll find the recipes that you and your family will like.


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